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View Rcon Franchesca Stress and Anxiety 101: What is Anxiety? 3/7/2008 Anxiety is said to be a normal reaction of the body to stressful and traumatic life events. However, anxiety is no longer considered normal body if it becomes extreme to the point that it already affects a person’s everyday activities and productivity. In line with this, the article defines what is anxiety as well as enumerated and explained the four major factors that can contribute to the development of anxiety disorders.
View Kristine Gonzaga Tips on Overcoming Separation Anxiety 12/12/2007 Being away from you and staying in an unfamiliar place makes your child prone to separation anxiety. This can cause him stress and make him more clingy when you have to leave. This article explores ways on how you can help ease the anxiety felt by your child with simple and practical tips.
View Dr. Marlene Maheu 5 Ways to Help: Stress and Anxiety in Children 3/3/2010 Childhood stress, child anxiety, teen anxiety, teenage stress, children anxiety, child stress - all these terms mean the same thing: your child might
View Brent Crouch Treat Anxiety the Natural Way 3/31/2008 Finding a natural treatment for anxiety as opposed to taking prescription medication is rather important to many people for a number of reasons.
View Roberto Bell How heavy could Generalized Anxiety Disorder affect a sufferer? 8/10/2008 Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a kind of anxiety disorders that is affecting a large part of our population. The symptoms of this condition could be very nasty and they can, by all means in a matter of a few days, change the lives of ordinary folks into a nightmare.
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