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View Dr. Marlene Maheu 5 Ways to Help: Stress and Anxiety in Children 3/3/2010 Childhood stress, child anxiety, teen anxiety, teenage stress, children anxiety, child stress - all these terms mean the same thing: your child might
View Charlene Nelson How Can You Help Kids with Night Time Anxiety? 11/2/2009 How to overcome night time anxiety in kids? Here are several tips to send away all the demons in your child’s imagination.
View Roberto Bell How heavy could Generalized Anxiety Disorder affect a sufferer? 8/10/2008 Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a kind of anxiety disorders that is affecting a large part of our population. The symptoms of this condition could be very nasty and they can, by all means in a matter of a few days, change the lives of ordinary folks into a nightmare.
View Kristine Gonzaga How to Identify Social Anxiety in Teens 12/26/2007 Social anxiety or social phobia affects different kinds of people, including teens. Although largely unrecognized, people with social phobia exhibit signs that can clue you in on their condition. This article discusses several symptoms that can help you identify social phobia especially in your children.
View Abbey Grace Yap Living In The Shadow Of Fear 1/3/2008 This article is about phobias. It states a brief statistics as to how many people are affected by phobias in the United States. Phobias are irrational fears of certain objects, places, or situations. These fears are treatable by means of medications, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and desensitization. Seeking professional assistance may help prevent this phobia for worsening.
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