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View Abbey Grace Yap Living In The Shadow Of Fear 1/3/2008 This article is about phobias. It states a brief statistics as to how many people are affected by phobias in the United States. Phobias are irrational fears of certain objects, places, or situations. These fears are treatable by means of medications, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and desensitization. Seeking professional assistance may help prevent this phobia for worsening.
View Abbey Grace Yap When Letting Go Becomes Difficult 12/27/2007 This article is about separation anxiety and how it is different from separation anxiety disorder. The former is a normal phase that children go through while growing up. The latter is a more developed form of separation anxiety, it extends up to a person's adult years and may be difficult to deal with without proper help. It is necessary to be informed of the difference of the two conditions to be able to keep track and determine if the normal growth phase has already turned into a psychological nightmare.
View Brent Crouch Treat Anxiety the Natural Way 3/31/2008 Finding a natural treatment for anxiety as opposed to taking prescription medication is rather important to many people for a number of reasons.
View Charlene Nelson How Can You Help Kids with Night Time Anxiety? 11/2/2009 How to overcome night time anxiety in kids? Here are several tips to send away all the demons in your child’s imagination.
View Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC What is Ablutophobia 1/31/2008 What is ablutophobia? With so many different phobias out there, it will come as little surprise that there is a phobia that refers to people who are afraid to bathe, or wash.
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