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View Rcon Franchesca Overcoming Separation Anxiety Disorder 12/5/2007 The article is about Separation Anxiety Disorder or SAD. It talks about the symptoms for the said disorder and its difference from the separation anxiety per se. The article also cites and explains the early signs of SAD among children.Treatments for the said disorder are also noted within the article.
View Dr. Marlene Maheu 5 Ways to Help: Stress and Anxiety in Children 3/3/2010 Childhood stress, child anxiety, teen anxiety, teenage stress, children anxiety, child stress - all these terms mean the same thing: your child might
View Abbey Grace Yap Living In The Shadow Of Fear 1/3/2008 This article is about phobias. It states a brief statistics as to how many people are affected by phobias in the United States. Phobias are irrational fears of certain objects, places, or situations. These fears are treatable by means of medications, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and desensitization. Seeking professional assistance may help prevent this phobia for worsening.
View Kristine Gonzaga Tips on Overcoming Separation Anxiety 12/12/2007 Being away from you and staying in an unfamiliar place makes your child prone to separation anxiety. This can cause him stress and make him more clingy when you have to leave. This article explores ways on how you can help ease the anxiety felt by your child with simple and practical tips.
View Charlene Nelson How Can You Help Kids with Night Time Anxiety? 11/2/2009 How to overcome night time anxiety in kids? Here are several tips to send away all the demons in your child’s imagination.
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