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View Dr. Marlene Maheu Worried 8 Year Old 2/24/2010 It is normal for an eight year old boy to have intense worry accompanied by tears and fear that he cannot explain?
View Abbey Grace Yap When Letting Go Becomes Difficult 12/27/2007 This article is about separation anxiety and how it is different from separation anxiety disorder. The former is a normal phase that children go through while growing up. The latter is a more developed form of separation anxiety, it extends up to a person's adult years and may be difficult to deal with without proper help. It is necessary to be informed of the difference of the two conditions to be able to keep track and determine if the normal growth phase has already turned into a psychological nightmare.
View Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC What is Ablutophobia 1/31/2008 What is ablutophobia? With so many different phobias out there, it will come as little surprise that there is a phobia that refers to people who are afraid to bathe, or wash.
View Brent Crouch Treat Anxiety the Natural Way 3/31/2008 Finding a natural treatment for anxiety as opposed to taking prescription medication is rather important to many people for a number of reasons.
View Kristine Gonzaga Tips on Overcoming Separation Anxiety 12/12/2007 Being away from you and staying in an unfamiliar place makes your child prone to separation anxiety. This can cause him stress and make him more clingy when you have to leave. This article explores ways on how you can help ease the anxiety felt by your child with simple and practical tips.
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