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View Tami Bolton Child Discipline-Do You Know What it Means? 11/19/2010 A good Child Discipline strategy is very important in raising well rounded children. Here are some guidelines on what discipline is, as well as some techniques to apply.
View Ryan Griffin Preparing Your Child For Preschool 8/31/2010 For most children the prospect of preschool is exciting. They can't wait to get there and play with the other children. There are some however who aren't emotionally ready for the transition from full-time with mom to being with strangers part of the day. If you have a child who is unsure and not looking forward to this new challenge
View Peter R Smithson Can your parents protect you from the net? 8/20/2010 Often on the news we hear how imperative it is to protect our children from the budding dangers the Internet and using a computer can cause. We now live in a culture where social networking sites like face book, my space and twitter are the norm.
View Mercury Fabulinus School Bullying Statistics You Need To Know - The ABCs of Bullying 8/9/2010 I raised five very special kids that my wife and I adopted and I raised as a single parent after my wife passed away. I thought that once they were all on their respective buses that they were going to be in the hands of professionals and would be safe.
View Nancy Sander Angry Children, Angry Parents (Releasing Anger) 8/1/2010 There is nothing worse than angry children. Once you come home following a chaotic day of countless deadlines and your supervisor was breathing down your collar, having to cope with your angry children is excessively stressful. I recognize that countless of you parents can relate to this representation. Sadly, it can become a terrible blunder to take that frustration home, and venting out the anger on your kids. Your moods can influence your kids. If you have ever done this or have seen yourself on the edge of doing this, then it is time to look for a few effectual methods on how you can control and manage your anger, as well as assisting your kids deal with anger.
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