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View Dina Ways To Help Your Child Break The Thumb Sucking Habit 11/10/2009 Thumb sucking comes from the baby’s natural suckling instinct. Many pediatricians believe that at some point of time the infant may discover their body parts like the fingers and start sucking them. Initially this is natural but with time it can lead to health related issues.
View slivatree Kids in Cars 8/7/2008 It is summer and the kids ore off from school. The journey ahead is a long one as you destination is far away from the maddening crowd. Off to a place to relax and chill out, but the kids in the car are the problem. With four children of my own now grown up, the experience gained may help you.
View Benjamin Cooper Pregnancy, The Other Drug Rehab 8/11/2007 Article about the effect drug abuse has on the unborn child of an expecting mother.
View Federico Galloway Should teenagers have a credit card? 3/11/2009 For many parents the question of should their teenager have a credit card or not becomes more and more a reality. While a few years ago teenagers having credit cards was rare today it is easier for teenager to obtain one and having one becomes more and more common.
View Jennifer Broadley Single Parent Holidays - What You Need To Succeed! 10/30/2009 Single Parent Holidays, as a phrase, is a bit of an oxymoron (you know, like 'deafening silence' or ' bitter sweet').  We can all be full of expectations of relaxing, reading maybe a bit of nail painting. But in reality, taking children on planes, trains, buses and expeditions when there's no one but 'little ol' you' to keep things running smoothly can be exhausting.
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