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View Adrian King Positive Parenting: Exercising with Your Child! 2/21/2010 How can we exercise with our child so it is beneficial to not only me but also for my child? Well, in our society we have many opportunities to have  quality time with our children.
View Alex Gwen Thomson Danny the Dragon Author on Good Children's Literature 1/31/2010 Books have never had as much competition as they do today. As the author of the popular children's series, Danny the Dragon (, you know I'm an advocate for quality kids books. I remember when all I had to worry about was having the kids turn off the TV. Now, in addition to television, there's the Internet, a wide assortment of videogames, DVD players, MP3 players and cell phones. While these are certainly entertaining and potentially educational, do they go that extra mile and stimulate your child's imagination and teach him complex lessons about life? Chances are, probably not.
View Alex Gwen Thomson Five Tips For Traveling With Children 8/7/2009 Whether you're planning a few hours' drive to Grandma's house, or an overseas flight to your dream destination, traveling with your children can be both a rewarding and a worrisome experience.
View Alex Gwen Thomson Learning the Important Techniques of Infant CPR 10/11/2009 Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency measure administered to people who are not breathing on their own. With a small amount of knowledge and training, anyone...
View Alex Gwen Thomson Mother's Role is a Valuable Asset to Our Society 3/21/2010 Chances are, you have an idea of just how important you are as a mother in your household. For instance, what if you were to go out of town for a week? Who would get the kids ready for school, take them to soccer or ballet, help them with their homework? And could you imagine the state of the house after such a length of time? As helpful as your spouse or children may be, without having Mom around to spur them through their daily chores, how often would they do the dishes or remember to take out the trash? And then there's the matter of how they would feed themselves. Clearly, Mom, if it weren't for you, your household would probably collapse.
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