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View Brian Hill Dogs and Children Together Require Thought and Care 7/15/2009 Your children and your dog can be best buddies, or there can be friction between the two. Both dog and child need to be trained to respect each other. Otherwise you will find yourself having to scold one or the other, or both. Dogs and children can be a challenge.
View inderjeetraj New Moms Always Need Some Help 12/27/2008 Your best friend or sister just performed a miraculous feat…she gave birth! Yea, let’s all give her a hand!! No really, I mean let’s give her a hand…a helping hand. Because all new moms (unless they have a full time nanny and maid staff) need help. Your friend will soon realize that her newborn needs constant care, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Needless to say, in a 24/7 clock, it’s hard to squeeze in time for the kinds of activities that keep a woman sane,
View bryan harkins How To Prevent Your Children From Looking At Adult Websites 2/2/2010 You do not need me to sit here and tell you that in this world, it is almost impossible to search the internet without finding an adult site. What makes it even worse is most of the time you stumbled across that site on total accident. This shows us how easily it will be for a child to stumble across one of these sites, it is important you do not let this happen. Once you are done reading this article, you will learn the methods you can use to make sure you child does not see any of these websites.
View Dr. Marlene Maheu Your child is not your friend 3/11/2010 With the best intentions in mind, many parents assume or hope that they can be their child’s “best friend.” But it’s a critical mistake.
View Constance Mckenzie Toddler Adoption and Discipline 7/23/2010 With a toddler adoption or an older child adoption, chances are you are going to experience some unusual behaviors from them. You must first realize that they are young human beings who have possibly been subjected to extreme trauma in their young lives.
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