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View wyatt Going to the Dentist 12/12/2007 Dentists recommend that when your child’s first tooth appears, this is the time when you should start considering paying them a visit.
View wyatt Learning to Go Potty 12/17/2007 Children start their potty training somewhere between one year and a half to 3 years of age.
View Preparing Your Vacation With Children 3/25/2008 Ideas and tips that can make travel and taking a family vacation with children pleasant and enjoyable for everyone - even the car ride can be fun.
View whatarekidssaying Educational Websites For Teens 10/23/2008 Many people have at least one computer in their home or they have easy access to a computer. Our children and teens work on them at school and use them for entertainment, so it is no wonder there has been an increase in educational websites for teens and other ages.
View webmaster charactereducation Character Education Must Include A Focus On College Promotion 10/8/2009 Dreams of higher learning can include trade or vocational schools where kids can have careers that use their hands as well as their minds! College Goals are Essential for Success. In an attempt to provide the added impetus for dreaming about college and careers, the Achiever McBeaver character education program & character education resources encourages children to focus on the future, reach for the stars, gain a vested interest in school, and develop obtainable career goals. Most kids that under perform in the classroom are those that find little relevance to school, but when children have thought about career goals and hold a desire for the future - school becomes meaningful.
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