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Character Education Must Include A Focus On College Promotion 
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In order to be successful in school and life, students MUST have goals, dreams, and plans for the future. Honestly, most children have no idea why they are in school - they simply think that they have to go because adults make them go! Yet, even from a very young age, kids need to "want" to go to school and they must enjoy the process of learning because it meets their own academic and emotional needs. When young students go to school each day only because adults make them go … their education will lack personal relevance or meaning. These students without an innate desire or passion to learn will always grossly underperform and take the path of academic least resistance. However, when kids have a connection to the real world and to personal career goals and dreams (no matter whether they want to attend trade, vocational, junior, community, or 4 year college) – students will then:

    o do better academically
    o behave better in school
    o make better life related choices
    o choose healthier friendships
    o have healthier self-esteems
    o become life-long independent learners
    o and be more passionate about the future

Definition of College, Any form of Higher Learning Beyond High School A four year degree from a major college or university isn’t for everyone ... and that is OK. But, everyone needs to have a dream. Dreams of higher learning can include trade or vocational schools where kids can have careers that use their hands as well as their minds! Careers like these can include craft or skill jobs like plumbers, computer or software designers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, chefs, and a host of other neat positions. It doesn’t matter what your child wants to be when he or she leaves high school - but what does matter - is that they want to be the best at what they do. They need to desire to be the most trained, most educated, and most knowledgeable at their chosen craft. With more skill and more training, comes more opportunity!

Dreams come in different shapes, colors, and sizes - but the important thing is that we have personal dreams from a young age. Without a desire or passion to reach out into the future, school becomes a chore instead of a mission or quest for success. When kids have a purpose in school, they will out perform your wildest imagination! College Goals are Essential for Success Our kids need goals to shoot for - without them they will always choose the path of academic least resistance. Challenges will go unmet, opportunities will be squandered, and kids will all too often refuse to push themselves beyond the expectation of the classroom teacher. In an attempt to provide fuel for dreaming about college and careers, the Achiever McBeaver character education programs & character education resources encourages children to focus on the future, reach for the stars, gain a vested interest in school, and develop obtainable career goals.

Most kids that under perform in the classroom are those that find little relevance to school, but when children have thought about career goals and hold a desire for the future - school becomes meaningful. And, when something you are doing is meaningful … of course you will do better at it! Furthermore, with a weakened economy and rising college tuition costs, so many parents think that college for their children is an unreachable dream … but it isn’t! College goals (including trade, technical, 2 year, junior, and community college) should be a primary focus for each and every child - no matter your income level. Websites like offer information and access to over $80 billion in free college funding. The money is there, you just need to know where to look! Dare your kids to dream about the future and help them reach for it … you will be amazed at the results!

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