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Educational Websites For Teens 
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Many people have at least one computer in their home or they have easy access to a computer. Our children and teens work on them at school and use them for entertainment, so it is no wonder there has been an increase in educational websites for teens and other ages.

Great Kids' Contests

One of many things you can check out is the contests available online. There are lists of contests that focus on every subject you can think of; poetry contests for kids are just one of these. Poetry is one way for children to express their thoughts and ideas. Entering their poems in a contest can be a rewarding experience. If you were to search for poetry free contests for kids you would find that there are age appropriate contests starting at the preschool level.; A contest can boost your child's self-confidence, teach them about fair competition, and even teach them about disappointment if they are not the winner. There are poetry contests for kids that will cover all themes and styles and all focus on your child having fun while exposing their inner poet.
True Computer Literacy

Your child may seem like they know more about the computer then you do, but does that make them computer literate? This is probably not the case because literacy is being able to take information and apply it to a problem solving scenario. There are many aspects of the home computer and software that can take years to master, but there are steps that they can take to help them on that journey (and continue teaching their elders). Children learn by doing, so there are interactive software programs and downloads that will walk them through different systems. These actions will help the process of computer literacy for kids.

Big Rewards

Who doesn't like to win a prize for their efforts? We all like to be recognized for our hard work and writing competitions for childern is a great way to express that. There are writing contests at school, for community groups, religious groups, or sponsor related writing contests. Not only can your child win a great prize (many are cash prizes or savings bonds), but they can learn an important lesson in competition and possible defeat. There are writing contests for all age groups and themes. It is a great idea to encourage your student to enter one of the many writing contests for kids that may be available.

Beyond Entertainment

Using the computer for entertainment and education has become an everyday occurrence. There are innovative websites for kids that will hopefully do both. These colorful websites grab your kid's attention, gets them to log on so they can surf around and do a variety of games. Some of these will encourage your child to get involved with the website, asking their opinion and using that feedback to keep their website fresh.

Along with entertaining our children, we hope that the websites they log onto will also teach them a thing or two. There are many educational websites for teens and other age groups that will help them through the journey of life. It has become much easier for teens to research projects with the use of the internet. They can research any topic in the world and all from the comfort of their home. Educational websites for teens and other ages will present information at their level. This helps them understand concepts that otherwise may be too difficult or confusing.

Education has become more important then ever. We are in constant competition with other countries for jobs and the thing that makes one person stand out from the other is exposure and education. Educational websites for teens and other ages help our youth grab that edge, so hopefully they will be one of the chosen ones.

References is a resource that give today’s youth a voice amongst their peers and in society. What are kids saying strives to be the best place on the internet for kids to have a voice, express their views, and cherish and nurture their literary talents. As one of the safe websites for children, provides free contests for kids, encouraging computer skills for children. 
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