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Preparing Your Vacation With Children 
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Have you been wanting to go on a vacation but find yourself putting it off because you have children? Would you love to get away from it all but dread traveling for any time or distance with the kids in the car? Are you worried that once you reach your destination you'll have no time for yourself because you'll be caring for your kids?

Take heart AND take that vacation. There are ways to ensure that everyone in the family has a great time and the trip goes smoothly. Car travel with children can be one of the most harrowing experiences in a parent's life. The innumerable utterances of, "Are we there yet?" or "I have to go to the bathroom" and "I'm bored", can eventually grate on the nerves of even the most patient of parents. Make that time spent in the car on the way to your destination practically fly by. The first thing you have to do is change your mindset. If you are dreading the trip then the trip will be no fun. Think of it as an opportunity for the family to reconnect. Share conversation with your children. Don't just hear them, but listen to them. And talk with them rather than at them.

Play games with them. Geography, the license plate game, even a scaled down version of charades can work in the car. Bring a few books along. Take turns reading stories to one another. Let your kids read to you, too. Not only will it help pass the time but who wouldn't want the opportunity to get their children to read a little more? Make up stories of your own. Get an extra copy of a map and let your kids chart your progress. Have them try to estimate how much longer the trip will take or how many miles you have traveled. Use your imagination.

Keep snacks and beverages in a small cooler on hand to minimize pit stops. Blankets and pillows are also helpful in case the kids get sleepy. By keeping them comfortable you are also keeping them happy and more content. Make the ride in the car a special time for your family You might be surprised, it might just turn out to be one of the highlights of your trip. When planning a vacation with your children don't forget that you are a family. A romantic weekend retreat is not the kind of place to bring the kids. Do research on your destination. Are the facilities equipped to handle children? Do they have established, safe and professional babysitting or child care services so that you can have some time to yourself?

Are the accommodations in your hotel geared toward families? Check to see if your hotel offers discounts for kids. Do they offer activities for children? Contact the Chamber of Commerce and ask them to recommend family friendly attractions in the area in which you'll be staying. Check out point of interest in an atlas. Research the area on the internet. There is a wealth of information available and you might be surprised with just how much you will be able to find. By doing a little extra investigation, planning ahead and being prepared you will undoubtedly ensure a more successful and enjoyable trip for the entire family.

Planning your trip should be your top priority when it comes to your vacation with the kids and the joy of a vacation with the kids can start at the preparation. Family vacation requires a lot of preparation considering that you should satisfy your own desires and likes alongside the wants of your toddlers, teens and spouse. Always keep in mind the age and interest of your children and always keep in mind that when travelling with children, you don't always have the luxury to 'wing it'. You need to know where you are going (destinations, directions), where you are staying (accommodations, reservations), how do you get there (transportation) and how to amuse the whole family (activities, attractions). Fortunately, we have learned two key ingredients to a successful family vacation: preparation and flexibility. You do research, you plan, you make checklists and then, when nothing goes the way it was supposed to, you simply move on to Plan B or improvise on the spot.

While taking a vacation, you should be mentally prepared for any eventuality that could occur like your baggage not arriving with you, sudden weather change, unexpected aches. Be prepared and improvise, then you can tackle anything and have a great holiday. Always involve your children with the planning and preparation. Why not include your child as your junior travel agent. When you involve your children with the preparation, taking in consideration their age and interests, your halfway there. The vacation preparation with a baby differs from the preparation on a vacation with a schoolchild. You prepare a toddler probably different on a vacation than you do a teenager. You also prepare yourself different on a vacation when you are pregnant than when your not. Another important thing that ensures a good vacation is packing.

Depending on the kind of holiday that you have planned and the mode of travel that you have decided to take, you must pack accordingly. Put some thought into what you pack. Pack clothes keeping in mind what kind of activities that you will be undertaking. Take clothes that you can mix and match and give a good wear. It is very important to carry all the required medicines for your child, especially if he needs any particular medication. If you are flying, then you should take the essential medicines into a bag which you should carry with you. It's also important to do research on your vacation destination to find the perfect vacation spot for your vacation with the kids. But probably the most important aspect of the vacation preparation is realising that you are a family and you all want to have a great vacation.

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