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View Doctor PharmD Are Latino teens sexual risk takers? It's complicated, researcher says 4/14/2010 "When a recent documentary about U.S. Latinos featured two teen mothers in a 90-minute program, the Latino students in my classes thought it was an unbalanced portrayal of their community?and they were right!" said Marcela Raffaelli, a U of I professor of human and community development and co-author of a recently published chapter on Latino teen sexuality.
View Joe Webb Fostering, sexually abused children and risk 2/23/2010 Foster carers reduce the risks by finding out as much as possible about any child who might be placed with them. However, this information is particularly important regarding a child who is known to have suffered sexual abuse.
View Aesha Shah Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 7/14/2009 Gynaecology or gynecology refers to the surgical specialty dealing with health of the female reproductive system. Gynaecology is typically considered a consultant specialty.
View Alex Gwen Thomson Parent Alert - Sexual Predators Can Be Accessing Mobile Phones 11/23/2008 There are some scary statistics about child sex predators and our Nation's under eighteen population. What may alarm you more however, is the fact that the web is not the only location a predator can contact your child. Read more to learn more on how to help stop your child from becoming a victim to Our Nation's most upsetting crime.
View Theresa Twogood Coming To A School Near You Soon 4/10/2008 This small town schools prom fever results in the giving out of sexual gifts, condoms and other items as a 'prom gift bags' for all atendees of high school Prom.
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