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View Kristine Gonzaga Sexual Health Education: An Overview 2/14/2008 Sexual health education is an integral part of a person's development but not all are clear on what it is about. This article provides information on the nature of sexual health education and discusses several methods of promoting it. It also provides insight on how parents and educators can help young adults develop into responsible sexual individuals.
View Aesha Shah Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 7/14/2009 Gynaecology or gynecology refers to the surgical specialty dealing with health of the female reproductive system. Gynaecology is typically considered a consultant specialty.
View Joe Webb Fostering, sexually abused children and risk 2/23/2010 Foster carers reduce the risks by finding out as much as possible about any child who might be placed with them. However, this information is particularly important regarding a child who is known to have suffered sexual abuse.
View Monch Bravante Sexual Health Awareness and Social Responsibility 2/19/2008 Young people will normally get curious and interested about sex as they go through physical and emotional changes during puberty. It is the duty of the parents to prepare their children in the matters of physical, emotional, and social dimensions of sexual health and its consequences.
View Cecill Artates Birth Control Considerations for Teenagers 1/30/2008 An unplanned pregnancy is a traumatic event, this is especially true among teenage girls. It has shown that the number of births to teenagers has decreased considerably over the last few decades. This decrease is most likely due to the increased availability of abortion and birth control. This article is about teen pregnancy and some birth control methods they can choose from.
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