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View Kristine Gonzaga Talking to Your Folks About Starting Birth Control 1/29/2008

Sex and sexual health are two topics young adults need more information on. However, the multitude of available information about these two are so varied that it is hard to distinguish which can be trusted or not. This article provides a guide for young adults about talking to their parents about sexual health and starting birth control to help them get the right information.

View Linu T Why and how parents should impart their children with the right kind of sex education? 2/13/2006 Here are a few good reasons why you need to take some time out and make sure that your child has the right kind of sexual information and how it can help your child...
View Doctor PharmD Are Latino teens sexual risk takers? It's complicated, researcher says 4/14/2010 "When a recent documentary about U.S. Latinos featured two teen mothers in a 90-minute program, the Latino students in my classes thought it was an unbalanced portrayal of their community?and they were right!" said Marcela Raffaelli, a U of I professor of human and community development and co-author of a recently published chapter on Latino teen sexuality.
View Rcon Franchesca Talking With Kids About Sex and Birth Control 1/28/2008 It is very important for parents and adults to be the first ones to explain facts on sex and birth control with their children. Explaining such matters to youngsters will definitely keep them from unwanted consequences like early pregnancies. In line with this, the author of the article provides helpful tips on how parents should talk with their teenagers regarding sex and the use of birth control.
View Theresa Twogood Coming To A School Near You Soon 4/10/2008 This small town schools prom fever results in the giving out of sexual gifts, condoms and other items as a 'prom gift bags' for all atendees of high school Prom.
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