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Parent Alert - Sexual Predators Can Be Accessing Mobile Phones 
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It's in the news media, theres a reality televised show based on the subject, and as a parent the worried thought has probably circled your mind more than once. Sexual predators are out in the population and some statistics are just frightening. It is said that 1 in 6 girls will be molested by age 18 and the same statistics stand for 1 in 5 males. You have learned of the threat over the Internet and it is a fact that one of seven of our Nation's under 18 population have been propositioned for sex online this year alone, however, a new startling statistic that has recently arisen will more than likely shock you even more.

The main group of sexual predator victims are surprisingly teenage boys. An even more disturbing fact is that many of these teenage boys actually knew of the predator's age beforehand and consented to the criminal sexual acts. This is believed to be attributed to a rising teenage male curiosity about sexual identity as well as many other factors such as income level, school issues, etc.

With the majority of the victims being male, it is evident that many parents are not aware of this growing trend or how to protect their male teenagers from these disgusting criminals. With teenage boys being the the largest group of the victims of sexual predator activity, it should come as no surprise that mobile devices can play a significant role in the activity that takes place between teen and predator before an actual sexual occurrence. The expanded use of SMS text messaging and Internet IM on mobile phones along with simple calling has increased the risk and spontaneity of these sex crimes right under parent's noses. No longer are the days of calling the parents of your child's friend a reassurance. Technology is now placed in every home and it is no longer a safe zone, even in your own house.

It is unfortunate to say, but the only and best way to be 90% sure of your teenager's safety from these predators is to use technology to spy on the technology that already is in place, and yes, snooping on your teen. For cell phones, there are now software programs that can be installed on them that allow parents to sign in online and observe all text messaging and phone numbers for their teen's phone. Many of these software companies provide free software and only charge for online subscription fees. This software is undetected by the smartphone user but sends all the info to the registered online account giving you a better chance to find out who your teen is talking to and more importantly, what they are messaging. Some of these spy services include Plimus and Brick House Security.

For computer online activities there are companies such as Spy Arsenal and Spy Patrol that allow you to gather important info such as your teenager's account(s) information, chat conversations, and obviously sites they have frequented. While these technologies are an excellent weapon to launch in your quest to protect your teen, being a part of your child's daily activities and talking with them will still be the strongest weapon in the battle against child sex predators. Statistics show that teens with the least parent supervision had the largest possibility of becoming victim. It is up to the parents to be involved and stay involved to prevent this sex crime.

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