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View Marie Dunleavy Three Steps To Child’s Maximum Potential 2/17/2007 Teaching your child to achieve his maximum potential requires a fervent commitment. Helping him grow and learn entails effort and the ability to motivate your child’s desire to achieve his full potential. How can you inspire him to desire to be the best that he could be?
View Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW Parental Guilt and Kids with Special Needs 11/13/2005 Parenting kids with special needs requires parents who can separate their feelings from the needs of their children. This articles discusses some issues...
View Marie Dunleavy The Truth About Common Special Needs Misconceptions 2/17/2007 Parenting and teaching special needs children is a satisfying and rewarding experience. But this may not be true to some parents and teachers who are still blinded by the common misconceptions in dealing with a special child. Here are the top three common misconceptions and the truth about them.
View Jeltje Simons The expectations and realities of parenting a post-institutionalized child 8/31/2014 Of course there are adopted children who adjust more easily to their new families, and after an initial period they manage it quite well. Unfortunately a lot of adopted children have been not only through the trauma of abandonment and have acquired institutional behaviour that is now deeply ingrained, but they also have various degrees of brain and nervous system damage. And those children are very tricky to parent and it takes a long time and a lot of intervention to give them the best chance in life.
View Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW Sibling issues when one has special needs: Am I my brother’s keeper? 11/23/2005 Helping siblings manage and support brothers or sisters with special needs....
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