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View Dr. Art How to Select a Therapist to Treat Children with Disorders of Attachment and Trauma 11/14/2005 This article briefly outlines critical questions to ask when selecting a therapist to treat an internationally adopted child.
View Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D. Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: What it is and What it isn't 11/14/2005 This article describes an evidence-based approach to treating children with disorders of attachment. The basic approach has proven effective and the results of a follow-up study using this method can be found in a professional peer-reviewed journal. The approach is sensitive and responsive to the child's needs and encourages an attuned relatiionship.
View N.P.Rygaard A general introduction to attachment disorder 2/29/2008 Clinical psychologist Niels Peter Rygaard (who is also an adoptive father) gives an introduction to the term "attachment disorder", it's general causes, and his book about treatment. After having treated the severe consequences of early deprivation in adopted children for some decades, Dr. Rygaard is presently working as an adoptive family therapist, and has initiated a European general education program for orphanage staffs in promoting attachment-based caretaking. His policies have positively influenced the legal adoption process in Denmark, including mandatory pre-and postadoption education conducted by the Danish State authorities, free of charge.
View Dr. Art Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: An Effective Treatment for Children with Trauma-Attachment Disorders 11/21/2005 This article summarizes the results of a follow-up study demonstrating the effectiveness of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy for treating children with disorders of attachment. The complete study can be found in the December issue of Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, which is a peer-reviwed professional journal. In addition, the complete article can be gotten from the author.

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