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View Nicole Beurkens Language Processing 12/17/2008 Can children on the autism spectrum become better language processors? Yes, if we start giving them the opportunity to process information.
View Denise Smith Understanding Aspergers Syndrome and Effects 7/25/2007 Did Albert Einstein suffer from Asperger Syndrome? His single minded focus leads many experts to believe he did. While Asperger Syndrome has only fairly recently been diagnosed many famous people throughout history are believed to have suffered form it.
View George Rogu M.D. Institutional Autism and the adopted child from Russia 11/15/2005 I have heard the term "institutional autism" as being a complication of living in an institution or orphanage. Autism sounds like a very scary word and I am nervous about this condition. Could you explain this diagnosis and what are the expected outcomes for these children?
View Roberto Bell Signs and Symptoms of Autism 12/7/2007 Parents or caregivers are usually the first ones to notice the signs and symptoms of autism in a child under three years of age. At birth, the signs and symptoms of autism are not necessarily noticeable, and it may take a little while to distinguish the behavior.
View Sheryl Polomka Aspergers Children - How Do You Deal With The Anger Issues? 3/14/2010 The lack of social ability in Aspergers children can cause frustration and eventually anger. As a parent, anger meltdowns can be difficult to deal with, so how do you deal with it?
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