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Aspergers Children - How Do You Deal With The Anger Issues? 
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Aspergers children fall in the group of the Autism Spectrum disorder. Aspergers kids will not have signs or symptoms as severe as full Autistic kids which is why Aspergers is known as 'high functioning' Autism. Behavior problems like aggression, anger and depression are reasonably frequent in Aspergers kids. The failure to fit in socially is a large reason for these behaviors in Aspergers children and sometimes these behaviors can be very hard to deal with for the parents of these children.

Aspergers Features

Aspergers doesn't really start to show it's signs and symptoms until around the age of three and quite a few children are often not diagnosed until aged five or six and sometimes older. Aspergers tends to be more frequent in males than it is in females. Not all Aspergers children will show the same signs or symptoms as they can vary a big deal from person to person and in mild cases can be quite tough to diagnose. In general, Aspergers children tend to be highly intelligent and can often hold a good discussion with an adult, however, their social and emotional abilities are lacking and they can find it quite difficult to intermingle with children their own age.

The main features of Aspergers are:

  • Highly intellectual performing well at school, particularly in topics such as Maths
  • They tend to learn quickly and without difficulty
  • Don't manage quite well when criticized and in fact will often take criticism very personally
  • Lack initiative to initiate a conversation or join a group but will instead wait to be asked to join in with a group or wait for someone to start a conversation with them
  • Because of their shy and withdrawn nature they can often be the victims of bullying
  • Are sometimes seen as clumsy
  • Can sometimes be seen as unusual or eccentric
  • Can be extremely sensitive and over emotional
  • Find it tough to comprehend jokes or sarcasm and can sometimes take a joke as a personal attack
  • Like to have specific routines or rituals.

Why is Anger Common In Aspergers children?

Aspergers children sometimes feel quite uncomfortable in social situations as they find it quite tough to interact with other children. They do have the need to socialize and be accepted just like any other person but they however lack the social skills to do so. Because of the need to be accepted and because they would like to be social but can't, then they can become quite angry and frustrated. They don't really understand why they aren't being accepted and why they can't interact the way that other kids do and sometimes they will just feel like other children just simply dislike them. They can become increasingly withdrawn and become very angry inside.

The earlier that your child is diagnosed with Aspergers the earlier you can commence helping them to learn social and communication abilities. They are capable of developing these skills but just need that bit of extra help to do so. It is also valuable to assist them to develop a healthy self respect so that they don’t grow up to believe that they are inferior in some way due to their lack of social skills. By helping them learn social skills and promoting self confidence will help to lower anger development.

The necessity for Aspergers children to have set routines and rituals is one more reason they might become enraged if these routines are changed. Sometimes it can be tough to keep to a routine 100% but it is important to attempt to provide them with their routines as much as possible to evade an anger outburst. Although a lot of people wouldn't think twice about it if their schedule was changed, an Aspergers child might become extremely irate and sometimes violent if their schedule is changed. An Aspergers child can be taught how to stay in control through times like these with some Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

It is just as frustrating for a parent to deal with their angry Aspergers children. Because these kids appear completely normal it is sometimes easy to overlook that they have a disorder. It is also hard to deal with matters on a daily basis and it can take it’s toll. An early diagnosis of Asbergers syndrome is important so that you can begin to teach your child the abilities that they require and how to deal with the problems that make them angry. If your child gets the correct therapy then they can live a quite happy and fulfilling life.

Asbergers syndrome can be difficult to live with but your Aspergers children can live a very happy and fullfilled life. Visit Aspergers Children to find out more about having an Aspergers child. 
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