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Understanding Aspergers Syndrome and Effects 
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Did Albert Einstein suffer from Asperger Syndrome? His single minded focus leads many experts to believe he did. While Asperger Syndrome has only fairly recently been diagnosed many famous people throughout history are believed to have suffered form it. Considering that autism was only recognized in the 1940s, our knowledge of the different forms, such as Asperger, is even today still in its infancy. Many people still do not even know that such as syndrome exist. Even with the advances made, diagnosing Asperger Syndrome is not always easy, as not all sufferers necessarily exhibit all of the symptoms. Understanding it is sometimes even more difficult.

People that suffer from Asperger Syndrome seem to carve out their own special niche in life. Those affiliated usually have average to above average intelligence. It is their often unusual behavior and single minded focus that often can set them apart from society. Difficulty in dealing with others in social situations is one of the characteristics that seem to afflict people with Asperger Syndrome in varying degrees.

What we consider as normal social behavior, such as eye contact and taking turns in talking, do not matter to them. If they feel like leaving the room, even while someone is still talking to them, they will. They might also interrupt conversations and monopolize it with a subject important to them. Impairment of language skills is very often a characteristic of those who suffer from Asperger Syndrome. Language is looked at as a way to not only express information but also emotions and feelings.

People with Asperger Syndrome often take language on a very literal level and have difficulty sustaining and initiating a conversations. Those with Asperger's often tend to monopolize conversations with topics that are only related to their special interests. Children with Asperger's want to have a set routine and can get highly upset if their routine is disrupted. They need the rigid structure to feel safe and secure. Usually they won't have many interests, but they tend to become obsessive about those they have.

Those that suffer from Asperger Syndrome may have difficulty solving problems and staying focused. They see the world in black in white believe everyone see the world exactly as they do. Fine motor skills may also be affected. This may be expressed in difficulty writing, bike riding or even playing catch. Many Asperger children suffer from sensory issues. One or all their senses can be affected, resulting in over or under reaction.

We still have a long way to go before we'll even understand a fraction of what it is to suffer from something like Asperger Syndrome. Knowing the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome and how it affects the sufferer, can go a long way towards creating tolerance and understanding.

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