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View Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP Availability and Reliability of Records - Part 2 - The Legal Grounds 6/20/2006

“I am writing to you because I had heard that you mentioned on a list-serv that certain medical documents are available to adopting families per Russian law. We have been home for one month. Many families I know claim to have received extra information at court; we did not. I am wondering: Is it still possible to obtain some of our daughter's records?

View James Reilly M.D. Arthrogryposis in the adoptive child's medical record 2/21/2006 What challenges can be expected when arthrogryposis is indicated on the adoptive child's medical record?
View George Rogu M.D. Can immunization records from orphanages be relied upon 2/21/2006 Vaccinations in the third-world nations often are not on par with accepted standards; can immunization records from orphanages be relied upon?
View George Rogu M.D. Russian medical jargon or real medical problems? 2/21/2006 I am adopting a 3 ½ y/o child from Russia. From a parents point of view, this child looks pretty normal yet his medical record is full of scary diagnosis. Can you explain what these diagnosis actually mean and do they really mean something or can they just be dismissed as just non-relevant medical jargon?
View George Rogu M.D. Reader's Questions on Children with small Head Size - Microcephaly 1/3/2006 We just received a referral for a 14 month-old Russian girl. I am concerned about her head measurements (microcephaly?) as they are consistently below the 3rd percentile on the CDC charts. Is it easier to make measurement mistakes erring to the small side than to the large side. Perhaps I am making too much of this; but I have read several articles stressing the significance of this condition when it exceeds 2 Standard Deviations (3rd percentile). I have also read that this is not the type of thing that nutritional improvements, etc. will have much effect on after
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