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View George Rogu M.D. HbH disease 12/8/2005 We have been referred a 5th child that we just found out has HbH disease (a kind of Thalassemia intermediate). The orphanage in Taiwan says that the Hemoglobinopties are disorders of blood cell structure and they may occur in many different ethnic groups, such as African, Asian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern decent.
View George Rogu M.D. Reader's Questions on Children with small Head Size - Microcephaly 1/3/2006 We just received a referral for a 14 month-old Russian girl. I am concerned about her head measurements (microcephaly?) as they are consistently below the 3rd percentile on the CDC charts. Is it easier to make measurement mistakes erring to the small side than to the large side. Perhaps I am making too much of this; but I have read several articles stressing the significance of this condition when it exceeds 2 Standard Deviations (3rd percentile). I have also read that this is not the type of thing that nutritional improvements, etc. will have much effect on after
View George Rogu M.D. Perinatal Encephalopathy Russian Diagnosis, should I worry? 12/14/2005 We were just referred a 7 month old boy that was born at 35-36 weeks. The medical report we received says that the neurologist diagnosed him as having "perinatal lesion of central nervous system." In June and August, the notation "early recovery period" was on the report. In October, the notation was "late recovery period." Is "perinatal lesion of CNS" something that you frequently see? How concerned should we be? Perinatal Encephalopathy - is it something, or is it nothing?
View Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP Availability and Reliability of Records in Russian Orphanages - Part 1 12/15/2005 During the process of adoption from the Former Soviet Unions (FSU), families are forced to ascertain the health and developmental status of their potential child based on medical reports provided by orphanages, evaluation by the in-country medical professionals (when available), and on the family’s personal experience during the visit(s) with the child in the orphanage. Proper use of the documents, typically present in any orphanage file, can make the process of adoption more informed and somewhat less stressful. Besides the medical and educational value of such documents, there is a potential present and future sentimental value of this paperwork to the adoptive family and adopted child.
View George Rogu M.D. Readers question on Congenital Hip Dysplasia 12/18/2005 We just received a referral of a 1 year old child to evaluate. The report states that she has "dysplasia of coxofermoral joints". I'm wondering if this is the same as "hip dysplasia" which I understand appears on a lot of referrals.
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