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View Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP What will my child need if his/her pre-adoptive medical report has a diagnosis of "rickets"? 12/19/2005 As many other diagnoses found in medical documents of children adopted from the former Soviet Union, rickets is both extremey common and extremely over-diagnosed.
View George Rogu M.D. Russian medical jargon or real medical problems? 2/21/2006 I am adopting a 3 ½ y/o child from Russia. From a parents point of view, this child looks pretty normal yet his medical record is full of scary diagnosis. Can you explain what these diagnosis actually mean and do they really mean something or can they just be dismissed as just non-relevant medical jargon?
View George Rogu M.D. Readers question on Congenital Hip Dysplasia 12/18/2005 We just received a referral of a 1 year old child to evaluate. The report states that she has "dysplasia of coxofermoral joints". I'm wondering if this is the same as "hip dysplasia" which I understand appears on a lot of referrals.
View George Rogu M.D. Readers question about Rickets in orphan children 12/18/2005 I am considering this sibling group from Russia (Vladimir), two girls 5 and 8 years old. On the medical report of the younger child, it states that she has had Rickets but her health is now good. It does not state what caused rickets. My concern is that she will have future medical problems from this. What do I need to know and what should I expect?
View George Rogu M.D. Reader's Questions on Children with small Head Size - Microcephaly 1/3/2006 We just received a referral for a 14 month-old Russian girl. I am concerned about her head measurements (microcephaly?) as they are consistently below the 3rd percentile on the CDC charts. Is it easier to make measurement mistakes erring to the small side than to the large side. Perhaps I am making too much of this; but I have read several articles stressing the significance of this condition when it exceeds 2 Standard Deviations (3rd percentile). I have also read that this is not the type of thing that nutritional improvements, etc. will have much effect on after
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