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View Dr. Marlene Maheu How to Provide Help for Teens Who Use Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco 2/25/2010 Suggestions for how to help a teen who is using tobacco, alcohol or drugs can be found in this article by Marlene Maheu, Ph.D.
View Mercy Gabriel-Odimba Affordable Teen Auto Insurance -- Ways Your Kid Can Help 2/24/2009 You now have a teenager who is asking to start driving. This should have been a clearly joyous moment but for some reasons, it's filled with mixed feelings. Mixed feelings because the family budget is about to spiral up. Add gas costs! As if that wasn't tough enough, this teen driver could drive up y
View Harvey D. Ong No Longer Safe: Bullying Happens On The Internet Too 12/8/2007 Once, the Internet was used as a safe haven from bullying by the socially inept or physically targeted. However, as the Internet evolves, so do the communities with it, which has spawned its own form of bullying. Cyber-bullying is harder to spot without knowing the signs to look for, mainly because most parents tend to be unaware of how this new form of bullying is done or how much damage it can do.
View Steven Wilson Available Treatments to Stop Nail Biting 9/28/2009 Are you looking for treatments to stop nail biting habit? In this article I observe all avaiable treatments that can help you stop biting nails. I also recoomed the treatment that helped me stop nail biting in onyl 6 days.
View Alex Gwen Thomson Getting the Kids to Listen: Danny the Dragon Author Offers Some Tips 12/17/2009 Aren't kids supposed to have problems listening to their parents? Aren't they, after all, just kids? I asked children's author, researcher, and humanitarian Tina Turbin (, author of the Danny the Dragon ( children's series and mother of three grown children, about getting kids to listen. "Teaching kids to listen can be a process, but in the end it's entirely possible to have kids who listen to you, and in fact, this is actually how things should be," Tina says.
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