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View Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW Adopted or not... Your past matters when parenting your child. 4/10/2007 Do you cave to your child’s tantrums or protests? Does your child out-talk you or hold you emotionally hostage by telling you he or she doesn’t love you when held accountable for behaviour? Is your child out of control? Were you yourself harshly or abusively disciplined as a child? Personal parenting history factors in...
View Mercy Gabriel-Odimba Affordable Teen Auto Insurance -- Ways Your Kid Can Help 2/24/2009 You now have a teenager who is asking to start driving. This should have been a clearly joyous moment but for some reasons, it's filled with mixed feelings. Mixed feelings because the family budget is about to spiral up. Add gas costs! As if that wasn't tough enough, this teen driver could drive up y
View Irene Sherwood Are Computers Harming Our Children 10/21/2006 More and more parents are becoming concerned about the amount of time their children are spending on computers. Kids are playing computer games, researching their homework and chatting to friends on their computers. Computers can be an invaluable asset to your child’s life. Make sure that your child isn’t spending too long in a darkened, poorly designed work area or in general spending too long on the computer. Make sure they aren’t spending too much time being isolated without actual contact with others.
View Accendo Academy Are Teen Boot Camps Effective? You May Be Surprised 1/20/2007 In spite of recent media attention, "scared straight" boot camps are proving to be ineffective.
View Accendo Academy Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Troubled Teen from Media Influence? 1/20/2007 Discusses foundational principles of media literacy for troubled teens.
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