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View Brendan Novita Child Support Modification - How To Avoid Big Problems 6/8/2010 Child support modification, what is it and when should you use it. Get the straight facts and keep yourself out of trouble with the Court.
View William Helps Unmarried Parents in a Child Custody Dispute 4/16/2010 What happens when unmarried parents separate and a child custody dispute develops? Unmarried couples generally surprise if they've the identical legal avenues to resolve custody disputes that divorced couples have. The answer is sure--unmarried parents have the same assets as divorced parents. Listed below are three solutions for unmarried parents involved in a child custody dispute.
View William Helps Child Custody Cases - An Overview 4/15/2010 Unfortunately, divorce just isn't a modern affliction. It has been occurring for centuries, however the best way the courts look at child custody instances has seen some changes over the years. Within the 1800's children became the sole responsibility of the daddy's.
View William Helps Can Fathers Legally Win Child Custody With a Restraining Order Towards Them? 4/14/2010 Many fathers take authorized advice throughout a divorce case, particularly throughout divorce circumstances where the other celebration decides to manipulate the justice system with sly authorized maneuvers. A standard (and infrequently the first) query these dads ask their lawyers is: Can a father win custody of his children while combating a restraining order? Effectively, this article has been written to give an overview of the legal process involved in combating a restraining order, and to educate readers on fathers rights throughout divorce cases.
View Justin DiMateo Understanding Child Support Laws 3/16/2010 At time, one or both parents may become unemployed and cannot afford to continue making payments at the originally agreed upon amount. If this is the case, notify ...
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