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View Alex Gwen Thomson Children in Divorce Experience Complex Emotional Turmoil 1/31/2010 Children face many emotional challenges as their parents go through a divorce.
View Brendan Novita Child Support Modification - How To Avoid Big Problems 6/8/2010 Child support modification, what is it and when should you use it. Get the straight facts and keep yourself out of trouble with the Court.
View Child Custody Secrets Are you prepared for your child custody hearing? 5/21/2007 Although the courts have the best interests in mind, there can’t be anyone more important in making the best decision for their children than parents. Parents should try and settle their Child Custody issues outside the courts. A custody decision arrived on your own with two agreeing parents is more desirable than the one which is disputed a determined by the court.
View Child Custody Secrets Preparation for Child Custody Court Ordered Mediation 5/23/2007 In Child Custody disputes Mediators help collect complete information about each parent and organize this information in a useful way. During mediation all history of both the parents is extremely useful. All aspects including childhood, past divorces, past history, parent’s history, parents’ martial status, siblings, relations with siblings, history of crime, domestic violence, etc. are also taken into consideration. You as a parent must be prepared to show yourself in the best possible light.
View Clare Denton The Effects of Divorce on Children 8/4/2007 When things go wrong in a marriage it is often wondered if the couple involved should stay together for the children. The fact of the matter is that it's not the separation that does the most damage, it's the living in a war zone that affects the kids. Nobody wants to live in a world that swings from stony silence to screaming fits and back again. Even if it's not that extreme children can sense when things aren't as they should be and may even wonder if it's something they've done.
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