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View Deanna Mascle 8 specific ways you can make your child a reader! 2/4/2006 Providing positive, enjoyable literacy experiences give young children opportunities to gain the knowledge, awareness, skills, and love of learning that they need to later learn to read independently. Here are 8 ways you can provide those experiences
View Toan Dinh Activities For Using Kindergarten Sight Words 8/29/2009 Fun activities to familiarize your child with sight words and help him or her to better remember them. The games are intended for use with Child1st's stylized sight words.
View skm2 Child1st Designs Multisensory Materials for Visual Learners 5/4/2010 Child1st Publications specializes in multisensory reading materials for visual learners. Visual learners often learn instantly when they see an image, almost as if their brains are a camera snapping a picture. Drill and rote memorization often cause visual learners to shut off and may lead to a dislike of reading and school since drills stifle their instinctive way of learning. Child1st products appeal to their natural way of learning by blending images with essential left-brain aspects of education such as letters and words to help visual learners comprehend and retain new information.
View Chris Robertson Choose children's books and reading activities that will make reading fun for your child 12/18/2008 Learn interesting ways to make reading fun for your child. Tips on how to select great children's books and activities to help encourage reading...
View suegold Encouraging Children To Read More Books 5/17/2009 Kids have the perfect mindset to get lost in the joy of a good book. Books for kids are ultimately the inspiration for healthy imaginative play, long term reading skills, and even the springboard for theoretical conversation at the dinner table. While kids are often on the go and don't take the time to slow down for a good read, introducing your kids to the joy of reading a good book isn't as insurmountable as it seems. A little creativity on the parent's behalf, and you will have a budding reader reluctantly putting their book down to move onto life's other demands.
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