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View Amy Holly Reading to Your Child will Do Wonders 7/31/2009 It's never too soon to start reading to your baby or toddler. Not only is your child getting bonding time being close, but the familiarity of favorite stories, guessing what's going to happen next, and participating in page turning, naming letters and exploring pictures will actually contribute to your child's school success.
View Chris Robertson Choose children's books and reading activities that will make reading fun for your child 12/18/2008 Learn interesting ways to make reading fun for your child. Tips on how to select great children's books and activities to help encourage reading...
View Chris Robertson Get Your Child Hooked on Reading with Mystery Kid Books 12/27/2008 Help your child discover the joys of reading as he or she unlocks amazing mysteries in the pages of mystery kids books...
View Dani Torres Teach Your Child To Read - Fast Learning Basics 9/18/2009 A quick look at how you can help to teach your child to read. The secret lies in understanding the blend between the phonetic words, sight words and using the cues in order to become a much better and more competent reader. The article looks into the explanation of how a sentence is deconstructed by a child so that they can understand it.
View David Morgan Five Ways To Make Reading Easier For Your Child 7/24/2007 To thrive at school and then develop the best possible career, your child needs to be an excellent reader. Just being able to read is not enough.
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