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Child1st Designs Multisensory Materials for Visual Learners 
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Child1st Publications specializes in multisensory reading materials for visual learners. Visual learners often learn instantly when they see an image, almost as if their brains are a camera snapping a picture. Drill and rote memorization often cause visual learners to shut off and may lead to a dislike of reading and school since drills stifle their instinctive way of learning. Child1st products appeal to their natural way of learning by blending images with essential left-brain aspects of education such as letters and words to help visual learners comprehend and retain new information.

Child1st Publications was founded to create products that meet each child’s unique learning needs. The company believes that all children can learn, and that many struggling children simply need materials that allow them to learn in the ways most natural to them. Because many of Child1st's products are multisensory (engage more than one of a child's senses), the materials enable teachers to help every student to perform at their very best. By creating solutions and providing educators with tools specifically designed for visual learners, tactile learners, and children with dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD, Child1st strives to give every child the gift of a love of education and the lifelong empowerment of learning to read. How do the multisensory products work?

Child1st materials teach through story, visuals, and movement, engaging a student’s entire brain and making learning simpler and more successful than it often is with traditional methods. Teachers are able to teach once, and reach all of their students with their diverse learning strengths, thus addressing the issue of differentiated instruction. The array of Child1st products make it simple for educators to provide visual learners with the materials they require in order to perform at their highest capacity. The company's multisensory products for the visual learner include such successful product lines as SnapLetters™ and SnapWords™, as well as a multisensory phonics reading program (the Easy-for-Me™ Reading Program).

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