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Learn to Read and Write using Activties 
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Cultivate Interest by Reading to Your Toddler

As parents we assume a lot of aspects of reading and writing for granted. We may not even recall what steps were taken to get us to the point we are today. Chances are we were thought how to read by being read to. Indeed, reading stories to your child is a great method to get them interested in books, letters and writing. Of course, books geared towards child learning development like those centered around the alphabet or numbers are key. That said, fun books focused on nursery rhymes and fairytales can also be educational because they capture the mind of kindergarten children and toddlers alike. Remember, if you can't get them interested in educational concepts, you won't have a lot of success teaching them to read.

Sight Word Flash Activities

Sight word connection is one tool that can help out a child learn to read quite quickly. This is time and again implemented by the use of flash cards. Depending on the age of the child, you may wish to make use of cards with pictures on them or just the words themselves. Because children are extremely visual creatures, it is always best to start with flashcards with illustrations. When they seem to understand that the image and the word are connected, switch to plain word cards. This will help them identify what the focus is, which is the words themselves, not the pictures. You know your kid best, so begin using these concepts as rapidly or as slowly as you see fit.

Introducing Phonics into the Learning Development

While you sing, read, engage in rhyming games or even talk to your child, you are in fact exposing them to skills that aid them when they start learning to read. The phonics or audio aspects of reading is one of the most important parts of coaching this kind of skill. You can read to children even before the can talk, which will increase their vocabularies and make them more receptive to phonics games in the future. In fact, the largest part toddlers, when they are introduced to the phonic aspects of reading as babies, will understand language and instructions even if they themselves cannot tell you they get it.

The three activities listed above are but the building blocks of coaching your toddler how to read and subsequently how to write. You will be able to insert more comprehensive studies as your child's awareness expands. Above all, try to make learning process fun and take up an outlook that the ability to teach your child something new and exciting exists even outside of a home school class room. Life is a very good instructor as well, so when an occasion arises to explain new concepts and ideas while out and about, utilize it. If you are tolerant and take up the aforementioned paradigms, your child will be reading in no time.

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