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View Harriet White McCarthy Post Adoption Depression - The Unacknowledged Hazard 11/25/2005 There is a crisis of epidemic proportion within the International Adoption Community. It has the potential to compromise the health and well-being of many adoptive families. Known as Post Adoptive Depression or PAD, it affects over 65 percent of adopting mothers according to a recent survey by the Eastern European Adoption Coalition (EEAC), yet goes unacknowledged or unrecognized by agencies, social workers, and most of the medical community.
View Victoria Loveland-Coen Are New Moms Hardwired for Self-Sacrifice?: Part 2 2/17/2006 In Part 2, the author gives new moms eight tips on how to do the impossible: find the time to engage in the self-nurturing activities that will balance her life and prove beneficial to herself and her child.
View Dr. Mark Lerner Is Adoption Stress the same as Post-Adoption Depression? Who is likely to experience it and how can it be prevented? 2/23/2006 Post-Adoption Depression. Who is likely to experience it and how can it be prevented?
View Dr. Bryce Hunter Earth's Answers - B Vitamins by Dr. Bryce Hunter 12/5/2006 B- vitamins are a group of eight individual vitamins. They are necessary for us to maintain our health, aids in the functions of the nervous system and they breakdown carbohydrates into essential energy compounds, which provide energy and stamina to the body. Many doctors and the research of nutritionist's suggest that these essential complexes of B-vitamins are some of the most abundant on the planet. However, they are consistently eliminated or in many of our processed food.
View Sophie Cosic How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant 4/8/2007 The number of women in the workforce is larger than at any time in our history. Increasingly women are focusing on their careers and putting off child-bearing until their thirties and forties. For many women whose biological clock is ticking, increasing the odds of becoming pregnant has become a top priority.
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