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View Bryan Post, PhD, LCSW The Earliest Trauma: The Unspoken Impact of Medical Trauma 5/15/2006 Thousands of children every year are brought into the world in traumatic ways that often times are seldom discussed or processed following the event. Children who experience traumatic events as their first events of life are typically traumatized in two ways if not more...
View Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW Effects of exposure to domestic violence from childhood to adult life 4/19/2006 Exposure to domestic violence reaches from childhood to adulthood. Here's how...
View Bryan Post, PhD, LCSW The Adopted Child: Trauma and Its Impact 3/20/2006 Many adoptive families struggle for years to create the peaceful family of which they had dreamed. Regrettably, one of the main barriers preventing such family harmony is one of the least understood when it comes to understanding the plight of the adopted child. That barrier is trauma.
View Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW On coping with death… Now imagine you are a child. 3/11/2006 The face of grief will look different depending on the age of the child...

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