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The Pros and Cons of Adoption 
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Adoptions are either international or domestic. So what are the pros and cons of adoption? Regardless of which type you choose, the pros and cons of adopting a child are obvious, however, neither is better or worst than the other. It will basically all depend on you, the adopting family and what your preference is.

Domestic Adoption

    When the birth mother, child and adoptive parents all live in the same country it is a domestic adoption and there may be some openness, depending on the birth parents.

    Pros of Domestic Adoption

    * It is more affordable due to reduced costs on travel and additional paperwork, even nonexistent if done through foster care.
    There is a chance of getting a newborn; you may be matched up with a birth mom who has not yet given birth.
    * You will receive more detailed and accurate information about the biological parents medical information
    Most of the leg work is done by the adoption agency representatives and/or case workers, you will not be required to spend as much time on the adoption process.

    Cons of Domestic Adoption

    *Requirements for domestic adoptions are quite strict and qualifications for adopting families are also high.
    The biological mother may change her mind or unexpectedly refuse to give her child up for adoption. I believe there is a restriction on when she can do this, but that is not enough of a safeguard for most hopeful parents. This can cause delays in the process or the whole adoption may be terminated. Unfortunately, this occurs more often during the final stages of the adoption process just when the adopting family is expecting a child.
    There are fewer children available for domestic adoption, especially if the adoptive parents prefer a child from a minority group.

International Adoption

    When the adoptive parents live in a different country than the birth parents it is referred to as an international adoption and there is little or no contact between the parents.

    Pros of International Adoption

    * There are plenty of children available for adoption in many countries, both healthy and special needs.
    The requirements and qualifications for international adoption are less strict than other types of adoption; your chances of adopting are greater.
    You have a better chance at being eligible to adopt and once your home study is approved you can rest assured that you will have the child of your dreams.
    You don't have to worry about whether the biological mother will change her mind. These children are most often orphaned. All you have to do is accept your referral of a child and before long they will be in your arms. (On average this process takes between 12-18 months)

    Cons of International Adoption

    * Be prepared for lots of red tape, delays as well as an increased potential for fraud. Some countries may not be politically stable, eg. you don't need the government changing hands in the middle of your adoption process.
    Be prepared to travel to the country of your adoptive child. You may even be required to make more than one trip or stay for a few weeks at a time. You will need to learn the child's culture and customs, maybe even their language
    You will not get a newborn because you will not be made aware of a child for adoption until after they are born. So by the time all the administrative hurdles are cleared and they are finally united with you and your family, they will likely be at least four to six months, maybe even a little older.
    Because the majority of these children have lived their first months or years in orphanages where the living conditions are less than decent, they may experience some developmental set backs. This is not necessarily the case with all children and if they do have delays, chances are they will often rebound to the norm once they have a loving and supportive family to attend to their needs. Some people believe that, "Love doesn't conquer all" but I say, "it certainly helps".
    There may be no record of the family medical history and this could make you feel uncomfortable. You could always turn to modern medical testing to help. You will however, receive the child's medical history when you get your referral.

The pros and cons of adoption have the potential to discourage the adopting family in many ways. But with an open mind and heart, overcoming the dilemma of adoption will definitely prove to be worthwhile.
Connie McKenzie is a part-time work at home mom. She has two beautiful adopted girls and a wonderful husband. My site offers foster care and adoption information, as well as lots of useful resources for those wishing to adopt a child. Child Adoption Matters because as her daughter says, "Child adoption does matter, mommy! 
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