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View Jeltje Simons One boy who called an orphanage home 12/12/2013 I'll tell you my story of bringing home a little boy from Bulgaria less than 4 weeks before his 6th birthday. Visiting and removing a child from the only place they have ever known, their home - an orphanage - is exciting for the new parents, but it is an overwhelming experience for the child.
View Administrator Hague regulations on training of adoptive parents and the course “Adopting older children internationally..." 9/24/2006 Since the beginning of September 2006 a lot of agencies requested an evaluation of our new course JSBG2 - Adopting older children internationally: making a decision and coping with post-adoption difficulties. We received positive responses and questions, which are very important in light of upcoming ratification of Hague regulations that will govern the entire adoptive process. We believe it can benefit every prospective parent to familiarize with Hague requirements for their pre-adoption training; the artcle will also give definitive answers about the BGCenter Online School course to the agencies that are looking for the providers of such training.
View Constance Mckenzie Adoption Regulations - How You Can Make Yourself Eligible to Adopt 7/23/2010 Want to increase your eligibility to adopt? Following the below adoption regulations will be helpful to you.
View Deborah Mumm Just Imagine---A Russian Adoption 1/8/2008 Can you imagine what it must be like to adopt a child from Russia? On the other side of the world millions of children live in old orphanages with no family to call their own. If you think you might like to be one of those lucky families that can take an orphaned child into your family, then you might want to read what it feels like to live through a Russian adoption.
View Constance Mckenzie Understanding the Adoption Process in 7 Steps 7/23/2010 It is pretty important that you be familiar with the child adoption process if you have decided to adopt a child. So the first thing that you want to do is:
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