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View Martha Osborne Transracial Adoption 10/29/2006 What is in the best interest of a child? Is the focus on racially matching a child with her adoptive family more important than providing a stable, loving and nuturing home?
View Martha Osborne Adopting as a Single Woman 10/29/2006 Not unlike their married counterparts who pursue adoption, single women often pursue motherhood citing the same need and desire to love and nurture a child of their own.
View Martha Osborne Real Happy Endings: Adoption Myths 10/29/2006 Virtually everyone has heard 2nd or even 3rd hand of an adoption story with a painful or horrible ending for both the child and family. The media grabs onto these rare occurrences and shamelessly focuses on the pain and heartache of all involved. What is the real truth?
View Marie Pruden Patience and leap of faith overcame infertility and fears of parenthood 5/20/2006 The following is a candid and engaging speech presented by Marie Pruden, that describes her experience along with her husband's of adopting 3 international children. Marie was the guest speaker on April 26, 2006 in Westbury, Long Island, NY at the spring luncheon of the Nassau County Women's Division of the Salvation Army.
View Martha Osborne A Child's Guide to Adoption 10/29/2006 How is a family created? Most people think that a family is made when a couple gives birth to children. But families can happen in many ways. In the television show The Brady Bunch, the mother and father get remarried, combining their two families into one. Another way to create a family is by adoption.

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