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Getting Pregnant 101: Natural Fertility Help and General Guide 
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Not all women who opt for motherhood get there fast, so fertility help is often resorted to. Leading a healthy life promotes high fertility levels. If the goal is getting pregnant, the way is being healthy. Some fundamental facts about a woman’s bodily function directly affect conception, but out of all these functions, the monthly period is paramount. Women planning on getting pregnant would need to understand their menstrual cycle, to know the days when they are fertile.

A sound fertility help is an ovulation calculator and calendar that will help identify the exact time of ovulation and time intercourse properly. One bodily sign to watch out for during ovulation is the cervical mucous. While ovulating the cervical fluid will increase both in texture and volume. When the mucous is at its clearest , this is the peak of fertility. When the mucous consistency is clear, thick and slippery it is best to have intercourse. This indicator is nature’s way of readying the uterus for the sperm. Intercourse position should be in such a way that the sperm directly enters the uterus.

Artificial lubricants, scented tampons and vaginal sprays can wash away cervical mucous so they should be avoided. The hips should be elevated by use of a pillow for 5 minutes after intercourse to improve the chances of conceiving. Fatigue has been proven to hamper the chances of conceiving.

All the work getting pregnant with various fertility help would all go to waste if a woman deals with stress. Stress can lead to an irregular menstrual cycle, which is the basis for knowing when the body is most fertile and more likely to conceive. However, women wanting to get pregnant should avoid steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs as a form or relaxation because excessive heat can prove to be detrimental before and during pregnancy.

A healthy eating regimen promotes hormonal stability that enables men to produce good sperm and the women to lower their estrogen levels, creating a condition helpful for conceiving. Alcohol and smoking leads to lower sperm count in men and hormonal imbalance in women. Green leafy vegetables and fruits should be an integral part of a woman’s diet. The dietary supplement folic acid should also be taken as it helps in reducing the chances of birth defects affecting the spinal cord and the brain. Substitute coffee or tea with milkshakes which are a good source of calcium for healthier bones.

These fertility help tips are the things one can do before resorting to a consultation with an obstetrician. Although doctors can give you expert advice, it wouldn’t hurt if you try these tips first. For all you know, all you need is a healthier greener lifestyle to finally get that little bundle of joy you have always dreamed of. 
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