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Infertility treatment 
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Scheduled drugs and systematic treatment can cure most of the infertility problems except ageing and chronic diseases, although these treatments are quite expensive and may have harmful side effects. Extra treatment may be required to cure the unwanted effects. Treatments conducted through IVF or In Vitro Fertilization and ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is best among the other methods of infertility treatment. In this technique, the egg cells outside the womb are fertilized by the sperm and then transferred inside.

When all other procedures fail, this is the next step. This technique is a hormonally controlled ovulation progression. In this treatment, the ova is removed from the female’s ovaries and helps the sperm to fertilize in a fluid medium. But this is not a standard process at all and entails excavation of the eggs from the ovary, fertilizing them in an outside laboratory and returning them to the uterus. In the normal process, the human decides to pick the healthiest sperm for reproducing the egg but in the artificial procedure, the embryologist takes this choice. On the other hand, when he fails to pick the healthiest sperm and egg, it may cause the ill health of the child in the course of birth and even later in life.

Some alternative techniques with a holistic approach are fast becoming popular in order to cure the problem of secondary infertility. These techniques are all the more preferred by people as these have less or no negative effects at all. The acupuncture method, for example, especially ear acupuncture or Auricular is very helpful in cases where female infertility has been induced by some kind of malfunction of the ovary. The hormonal message that is transferred from brain to ovary is the most beneficial result received from this method. In accordance to the investigative trials, those women who have received acupuncture treatment for about 30 times within a time period of 3 months have shown good results. Those female who underwent hormonal remedies along with it suffered from negative effects. In the other treatment techniques, diet and lifestyle changes are given a lot of importance. Habitual intake of such things that contain caffeine like coffee, chocolate, cocoa, green tea (containing caffeine), black tea and colored soft drinks which has harmful effects on conception is discouraged.

According to a study, one and a half cup of coffee for a woman who is trying for pregnancy is sure to delay her conception. Therfore, coffee is not recommended for infertile patients. Diets that include fish contaminated with PCB or Polychlorinated Biphenyls are also believed to be a cause for substantial reduction in the capacity to become pregnant. According to one study, women who had more than one meal containing fish contaminated with PCBs (procured from Lake Ontario), developed reduced fecundity within a month.

The best result for the treatment of infertility has been reported through the Chinese medicines, acupuncture and of course, the holistic approach. The holistic approach reaches to the depth of the predicament and only then delivers physical, spiritual as well as emotional treatment, rather than only investigating the organs. On the other side, the regular approach to the problem of infertility fails to successfully detect and remove the real causes and moreover, causes unintended effects. The holistic approach suggests a natural remedy and a way of life that can really solve the problem as soon as the real cause is determined.

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