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View Ershad Samson Free Public Help from Pro Bono Attornerys 11/11/2009 Attorneys are usually known for their pricey service rates, but not the pro bono lawyers. Pro bono attorneys offer services free of charge. And why do they act that way and why must you trust in a no charge service from a "most of us know", pricey service?
View articlewritingexpertise Family Mediation Makes Divorce & Child Custody Less Painful 6/26/2010 Finding a suitable mediator to take care of your problems and conflicts is not an easy task, how do you find the best resolution?
View Jonathon Pyzer A parents guide to help their young offenders through their day in court 3/13/2009 In all of the provinces of Canada, the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is the body of law that establishes the procedures for youthful offenders. The YCJA covers young people who were between 12 and 17 years old when they committed the action of which they stand accused.
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What You Need To Know About Adoption In California

4/27/2009 In order to adopt a child as a Stepparent or Domestic Partner, it's imperative to ensure all your responsibilities are met, and in order.
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Family Mediator

6/26/2010 Some people think that family mediation won't work for them because their issues are too difficult or too hard to handle outside of court or without the objective view of a judge.
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