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View Susan Chen How Lawyers Aid Juvenile Delinquency Cases 12/8/2006 When a child between the ages of ten and eighteen commits a crime, the act is described in legal term as delinquency and the matter is resolved through the intervention of the juvenile court.
View Arthur Gueli General Liability In Accidents Involving Children 8/21/2007 The rules of general liability are different for some children because kids aren't able to determine what is or isn't a careful act. This article looks at how those differences may or may not apply to your claim.
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Child Support Lawyer

5/15/2008 The person who you employ will be in charge of obtaining or preserving your rights to your children, your property, and your earnings. Actually, choosing a Nebraska child support lawyer may be a stressful experience. Do it correctly and you can breath easy. Do it wrong and you may have to spend a lot of time dealing with losses that might have been prevented
View Jonathon Pyzer A parents guide to help their young offenders through their day in court 3/13/2009 In all of the provinces of Canada, the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is the body of law that establishes the procedures for youthful offenders. The YCJA covers young people who were between 12 and 17 years old when they committed the action of which they stand accused.
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What You Need To Know About Adoption In California

4/27/2009 In order to adopt a child as a Stepparent or Domestic Partner, it's imperative to ensure all your responsibilities are met, and in order.
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