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View Martina Baker Teenage Depression: Do You Find It Simply A Period In Growing? 3/21/2010 Numerous people believe today that teens lack respect for authority, lack respect for school, and even lack respect for family. In general they are looked down on by society as getting disobedient trouble-makers. Being a teenager isn’t an easy task. They’re constantly being exposed to new, scary situations, and it’s tough for any teenager to get rid of 1 of these obstacles because of how they are viewed by other people, and one of the biggest problems a teenager needs to face is depression.
View Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC Does your child suffer from depression? 3/24/2008 It is often thought that depression more commonly affects older teenagers, adults and seniors, but children suffer from depression as well.
View Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC What is Bipolar Disorder? 6/13/2008 People who have bipolar disorder will often show a number of symptoms, besides the depression and the irritable moods, including impulsive behavior, inflated self-esteem and confidence, will sleep less, have racy thoughts, rapid speech and extreme optimism.
View Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC Teenage Depression? 7/27/2008 With all these changes in an individual going through their teenage years, it can be difficult for parents to recognize if their teenager is just moody or if they are suffering from depression.
View Tim F Clark Bipolar Depression and What You Have to Know 4/6/2008 Bipolar depression is an extremely serious affliction - find out how it commonly appears in people's lives.
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