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The Common Signs of Teen Depression 
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Teen depression may develop in teenagers who have personal, family, and social problems. It is not true that only adults suffer from this problem. Teens can also have this intense mental and emotional problem plaguing them. For parents and guardians, it is important that you know the tell tale signs that your teenaged child is suffering from depression. Knowing of the illness before it becomes worse is crucial, if you want to restore the emotional and mental fitness of your son or daughter.

1. Frequent crying, intense sadness, and tearfulness
Sadness can be manifested in many way other than crying and showing tears. Some teens convey sadness through the way they dress. They can also use their ability to write and compose poems and stories. Some show it through the choice of music they want to hear. Always be on the lookout for these. If your teen seems to be displaying a sense of depression through their manner, there could be a problem somewhere.

2. Hopelessness
There are instances that your teenaged son or daughter feel their life is not worth living anymore. They could be overtly pessimistic and cynical about the general things around them. They could even do it to the extent they do not care how they looked like and how people percepts them. If you think your teen is doing this, be more on the lookout. He or she may be depressed.

3. Shows less interest in their otherwise favorite activity
If you teenager suddenly drops out of their sports or club either from school or with friends, there could be something wrong. Any individual who do not want to have fun to an elevated degree could definitely be depressed.

4. Low energy
If your teenage son or daughter seems to be bored all the time, no matter how enjoyable the activity is, he or she can be depressed. Low grades and lack of motivation to succeed can also be a sign of depression.

5. Social seclusion
A previously bubbly teenage who unexpectedly wanted to be alone more often than necessary is enough reason to be alarmed. If your teenager prefers to avoid parties and gatherings with friends or families, they should be given more attention. Even more so, if the teenager does not want to talk about his feelings or what is bothering him.

6. Lowered Confidence
A person who is suffering from dwindling self-confidence is a person who feels negatively about failures. A person, on the other hand, who feels guilt and negative opinions about their own self, is certainly on the verge of depression.

7. Irritability
Being irritable is a common reaction of a depressed individual, teen or otherwise. Teens who usually take out on their angers on their family are showing the signs of depression. They can also be sarcastic, critical, or even abusive to the younger ones.

8. Poor school performance
If your teenagers tend to be absent from school, or are causing trouble while there, they definitely problematic. Depression may be taking its toll on them, which is why their schoolwork is slowly being affected. The sadder part of this is that the root cause may be misdiagnosed. Parents and teachers may not even realize they are dealing with a depressed teen.

Teen depression is real. Parents need to stay engaged with their kids, and be aware of their kids' feelings and their physical condition. Communication is the key. Depression should not settle in to a person in their tender years. When that happens, it has to be treated right away.

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