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View Arthur Jones Kids Acting Classes - Make The Correct Selection 9/9/2010 Acting classes offer a variety of acting workshops, programs, and activities designed to provide the skills any young actor needs to master the craft. The most common question that concerned parents would ask is, "What do kids acting classes have to offer?"
View Arthur Jones Kids Singing Classes - The Pleasure Of Singing 9/9/2010 It is a common trend nowadays to enrol your child to a summer class or any extra-curricular programs available. The choices are unlimited, and one of these is a singing class. Kids singing class are venues where the children discover different music styles while developing their vocal skills. 
View Kyle Keniston Should I Sign up my Child in the Martial Arts? 7/2/2010

With the kick off of the completely new Karate Kid movie, a large amount of parents or guardians are wondering whether they really should enroll their kids in a martial arts dojo. This piece of writing tackles the anxieties mothers and fathers might experience when admitting their young ones into the martial arts in addition to the positive aspects that young children acquire by signing up for a martial arts class.

View Melinda Curle Fun Summer Activities with Kids - Keeping the Children Entertained This Summer 6/24/2010 It can be difficult to keep kids busy during the two and a half months they have off. Try some of these ideas to keep your summer fun.
View Charles.Myers Children’s Murals: Timeless Storybook Characters Inspire Imagination 6/9/2010 Take a look at your children’s rooms, are the wall plain and white or are they fun and playful? Children’s murals of their favorite, timeless storybook characters can help inspire their imagination and encourage creativity – two very important skills for being a successful adult.
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