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View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. Activities to Promote Healthy Development 11/6/2005 These activities are entertaining for a whole family and promote cognitive abilities of a newly adopted child. They also set the stage for developing mutual attachment in the family through shared fun and play. The descriptions of activities offer general ideas, and the parents should feel free to make necessary adjustments. It’s important to understand that a child adopted from an overseas orphanage can, for example, be seven years old according to the birth certificate, but developmentally (emotionally and cognitively) is very likely two or three years younger. Thus, the suggested sets of activities differ mostly by the goal parents may have in mind, rather then by child’s age.
View Natalia Likhtik A child at play 6/9/2006 The world of childhood is quite different from our adult world. It is not simply a smaller version of it. It is a different world, and you have to learn to understand it. You have to learn to "read" child's behavior. Every parent needs these skills, but parents adopting internationally may need them more then others, since you will not have the advantage of understanding your child's native language.
View Romain Levesque The Benefits of Out Door Play 12/17/2006 Well, we know that sitting in front of video games and TV is not health beneficial. Being out doors help's our children to become creative.
View Ram sihasan Benefits of Crafts for Children 2/18/2009 Children need to be challenged to grow. What's more, they are usually not intimidated by challenge, as any parent who has pulled a toddler back from stepping off the curb can attest
View Charles.Myers Children’s Murals: Timeless Storybook Characters Inspire Imagination 6/9/2010 Take a look at your children’s rooms, are the wall plain and white or are they fun and playful? Children’s murals of their favorite, timeless storybook characters can help inspire their imagination and encourage creativity – two very important skills for being a successful adult.
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