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View Zach Wyrick Musical Toys - 5 Musical Toys That Deliver Good Times While Educating 11/25/2009 Learn 5 amazing musical toys your child will love to play with while learning important skills. These toys combine fun and entertainment with creativity education.
View Will Edwards Keep Learning Active 4/17/2010 There is a worrying trend of increased inactivity in preschool children. Many children spend a bulk of their times in sedentary activities, particularly in homebased activities such as television, playstation and videos. While a portion of down time for preschoolers in these type of activities is considered acceptable, many children have become used to sitting down to watch someone else provide them with entertainment rather than using their bodies and natural creativity to discover their world.
View Victor Epand Getting Your Kids Into A Great Hobby 2/5/2009 Kids are overworked and overstressed these days. Giving them something to look forward to such as model boat building can create confidence and let them blow off steam.
View Toan Dinh Baby Fingers | Delivering Effective Sign Language Classes For Parents In New York & Beyond 11/2/2009 Baby Fingers offers a unique program in New York using Sign Language and Music Classes.
View Toan Dinh Child1st Publications - How To Use Word Wall Games And SnapWords With Your Child 10/8/2009 Benefit of "Pop Up" Word Wall Game: Children will have the chance to practice reading common words (sight words) they have just learned, and build their fluency the more often they play the game.
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