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Baby Fingers | Delivering Effective Sign Language Classes For Parents In New York & Beyond 
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Baby Fingers offers a unique program in New York using Sign Language and Music Classes. With a combination of American Sign Language and music, we have developed a program to help build stronger communication between parents and their children all the while enhancing language skills and motivating speech development. This program was developed for hearing children and hearing parennts. However, children of all needs and abilities are welcome in our program. Music enhances language development, spatial reasoning skills, socialization, and motivation to communicate. Signing is rhythmic as is music, and the combination provides a natural means by which to practice and interact. Both signing and music aid in the ability to keep a steady beat; this skill has been linked to improved reading performance.Based on considerable research, Baby Fingers is designed to promote family communication while enhancing motivation to speak, increasing IQ, improving vocabulary and literacy skills, decreasing frustration, refining motor coordination and spatial reasoning skills. Sessions are year round; we offer "mommy & me" sign language, Music for Babies, Parties, Adult ASL, & more.

Baby/Toddler ASL (also known as "Mommy & Me" classes) teaches you American Sign Language through songs and play with other parents and babies or toddlers. You can go home each week with new vocabulary and new tunes to enhance communication between you and your child. Whether you intend to incorporate sign language in your life for the long term or simply during this pre-verbal/developing verbal time, watch in awe as your baby or toddler discovers the world of language.

Creative Play & Sign Classes (aka: Drama Sign) offer an opportunity for preschool and kindergarten children (ages two through six) to participate in an engaging, stimulating class designed to meet their developmental stages. Through games, stories, movement to music, and dramatic play, sign language is taught to encourage self expression, improve speech and language, facilitate socialization, and further develop literacy skills. Music for Babies focuses on nurturing the bond between parent and child through music. Activities include singing, movement to music, musical play and reading books, which aid the baby's visual and auditory tracking, and language development. This course is primarily for newborns through toddlers.

Baby Fingers Sign & Stretch: Baby (newborn-Crawling) or Toddler (walkers to age 2) is a unique class focuses on creative learning for caregivers and children in movement, song, yoga and sign language. Through many different modalities, parents and caregivers will gain a greater understanding of their baby's or toddler's amazing physical development, as well as tools to enhance language and communication. Walkers will be introduced to thematic units, tying together yoga poses with ASL vocabulary.

Adult ASL: Our weekend and evening adult sign language program is taught by a Deaf teacher of ASL. Classes are designed for teens (15 yrs or older) and adults interested in beginning their study of sign language, or refining their skills. Private tutoring is also available.

Kids ASL: Looking for a sign language teacher for your school aged child and his/her friends? Our qualified staff will teach your children, ages 5 - 18, in the comfort of your own home or school. Private tutoring is also available.

Guitar Lessons: If you or your child is interested in learning to play guitar or refining current skills, Mike is ready to teach! An accomplished young musician, Mike is proficient on guitar, banjo, and mandolin. In addition to these string instruments, Mike can teach beginning piano and percussion, as well as voice and music theory. Family and School Workshops includes an "Introduction to American Sign Language," from numbers, to the alphabet, to full sentences; you can learn the basics of ASL in a fun and creative environment. Soon you'll be able to sign words about your family, pets, and home; things at school; days of the week; colors, sports, and more! Learn to communicate with deaf friends, or have private conversations with anyone anywhere. Join us for ASL through songs, games, and interactive learning! For more information about Baby Fingers and our classes, please visit our website or call us directly at 212-874-5978.

Baby Fingers LLC, founded by Lora Heller, Board Certified and Licensed Music Therapist with a M.Sc. in Special Education/Deaf Education, specializing in music mediated sign language instruction. For more information, visit 
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