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Bendaroos Childrens Arts Creative Fun Flexible Building String 
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Bendaroos are great for childrens arts and crafts because they are safe, not messy at all, and are reusable! Your kids will love them and so will you! Check out the author's resource box below to visit the Bendaroos website, check out the video, and buy some Bendaroos. Arts and crafts projects for kids promote a variety of healthy traits.

Achievement: When kids receive praise because of a personal achievement, it validates their hard work and makes them want to work further on their artwork and creativeness. An art project encourages them to express themselves artistically, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy their creativity without worrying about criticism or failure.

Creativity: Some people believe that children are either born with it or without it as it relates to music, photography, illustration, or any other form of artistic creativity. Actually, creativity is often developed at an early age. Giving children the chance to express themselves and their ideas early and often can help greatly.

Concentration: Children focus quickly when given the chance to express their own artistic vision, which carries over into enhanced concentration in other areas of their lives. Especially for children who are easily distracted, lessons in drawing, painting, and sculpting can encourage concentration as they ignore distractions to focus on the art project at hand.

Coordination: Art helps a child develop a sense of coordination between the images in his or her head and the artistic media in his or her hand. As a child transfers images, their hands and eyes learn to work together. Arts and crafts for kids gives children the chance to have fun while developing this hand-eye coordination. Bendaroos are easy to work with. The only limit is your child's imagination!

Bendaroos, Age Appropriate Arts and Crafts for Kids Children begin to enjoy drawing by the time they are old enough to hold a marker and will scribble with the marker. Markers can be easier for toddlers to use than crayons. Adult supervision is necessary to make sure the child draws on paper and does not put the marker in their mouth. If a child cannot comply with this, put the markers away and try again later. Toddlers enjoy learning to control the marker and are beginning to learn about creativity as they create marks on paper.

Bendaroos are not recommended for children under 3. At three to four years of age, children begin to realize that lines and shapes actually stand for something. It is great to encourage children to continue to explore what they can do with markers and never criticize their drawing. Around the age of four children begin to make pictures. Parents can encourage this by recognizing the growth the child has made and expressing their appreciation of it. It is critical to appreciate this creative ability in the child in order to encourage creative growth. Bendaroos - Waxy String? Bendaroos are made of postal string, which is very sturdy, which is coated in a variety of colors of "magic wax". You will get best results with bendaroos in a warm environment.

Melissa Brampton is a mother of three and wrote this article. She recommends you visit this Bendaroos website. 
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