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Children’s Murals: Timeless Storybook Characters Inspire Imagination 
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The most important stages of a child’s brain development occur within the first three years of their life – developing speech and language skills, motor skills, and stoking a creative sense of imagination. Parents are astounded every day by what a child says or creates in their minds, unaware of much of a sponge they are at such an early age.

As a parent, you have a nearly endless amount of influence and inspiration over your child’s imagination and creativity. From the educational and entertainment television shows you allow them to view, to the learning skills and programs you use to teach them – parents can help determine the capacity of their child’s imagination and creative success.

There are a million different ways you can help your children’s creativity and imagination grow throughout their childhood – some abstract and some very concrete. They can be as simple and free as positive encouragement or as complex and expensive as a Montessori school. When children are wrapping their brains around new ideas and concepts, they are also highly influenced by their environment. What they see around them can be very inspirational.

Take a look at your children’s rooms, are the walls plain and white or are they fun and playful? Children’s murals of their favorite, timeless storybook characters can help inspire their imagination and encourage creativity – two very important skills for being a successful adult. Choose your child’s favorite Disney characters to dance across the walls – from classics such as Snow White, Jungle Book, Robin Hood, and Dumbo to the tire-touting four-wheelers from Cars or the junk-crunching Wall-E. Or maybe Calvin and Hobbes is more your children’s (or your) style. Paint a scene of the characters from Winnie the Pooh walking down the wall to your infant’s crib. Even if your children just want their favorite animals keeping them company, a children’s murals is an affordable option for creative influence. The sky is the limit and your children’s murals are only limited by the imagination.

Leigh Watson creates beautiful children’s murals and art for bedrooms, nurseries, residences, and commercial spaces all over Texas. Her artwork can be seen in homes, daycares, hospitals, schools, and churches; and ranges from timeless storybook characters, dinosaurs, safari jungles and sports stadiums to fairy-tale castles, and underwater fantasy themes. Baby nursery murals and children’s murals make rooms come to life under her creative, skillful hands. She has also mastered the art of trompe l’oeil and can turn any blank wall into your child’s wildest fantasy!

Children’s murals and decorative painting transform your space into a customized environment that reflects your child’s imagination, creativity, and personality. Leigh understands this and has mastered the application of design and color to create an environment that your child can call their own. From fun, accent elements that complement your children’s existing decor to a full, 4-wall storybook adventure that transports them to another world, Leigh Watson can create the perfect children’s mural for your child’s bedroom.

Ethan Luke. Childrens murals - A self-taught muralist/decorative artist, Leigh Watson founded Watson Design. Contact Leigh for your next mural! 
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